TYPE: Tapestry
DIMENSIONS: 56 x 55 inches (142.24 x 139.7 cm); 63 x 62 inches (160 x 157.48 cm) (framed)
COMPONENTS: Squares with alternating patterns of a centered bird framed with floral shapes; and diagonal steps or abstract feline heads.
CONDITION: In good condition, mounted to linen on stretcher bars and framed, professionally restored with large areas of loss filled in with complimentary colors.
NOTES: Published:
James W. Reid, The Lee M. Elman Collection of Peruvian Pre-Columbian Textiles, 2007, Editorial Ausonia, Lima, Peru, a detail on page 21.
ITEM ID: 5574

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A Chimu Panel

Notes: circa 1400-1500 AD

Large panel in multicolored wool tapestry weave.