TYPE: Manuscript
DIMENSIONS: 29.8 x 22.8 cm ( 11.73 x 8.976”)
COMPONENTS: On watermarked paper, 382 leaves plus 6 fly-leaves, 18 lines to the page written in naskh and Greek in black and red ink, f.1b with a Coptic cross in red and black, titles in red and black, various markers throughout, titles in polychrome geometrical cartouches, in red leather binding. The watermark reads F.N.Fiorio Riva and with a crowned shield containing three stars. The shield is listed in E.
NOTES: PROVENANCE: Acquired by the Melikian Collection from Sam Fogg in London, who acquired it from a private collection in Germany, where this manuscript has been since 1971.

Two similar liturgical codices are in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, inv.no.19.196.5 and 19.196.3 (published in Drake Bohem & Holcomb 2016, p.104).
ITEM ID: 5280
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A Copto-Arabic Book of Prayers

Century: 18th (1701-1800)

Written in Coptic Greek and Arabic, this interesting manuscript is a book of prayers.

Coptic was maintained as a language after the Arab conquest of Egypt and remained in use, written with the Greek alphabet, and supplemented by seven additional signs.

The Arabic on the left hand side was added for those unfamiliar with reading Coptic.