TYPE: Flyer
COMPONENTS: 1p. 4to.
NOTES: Very rare
ITEM ID: 4884

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A German Flyer Demanding Jews Surrender Woolens, Furs and Blankets in Dead of Winter

Year: 1942
Decade: 1940s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)
Notes: Jan. 13, 1942

Late war printed flyer issued by the Jewish Cultural Affairs Organization of Berlin.

In the dead of winter, Jews are ordered by the government to surrender “fur, ski, and woolen items, fur blankets, sweaters, shawls, body warmers, earmuffs, underwear, blankets…” except as is absolutely personally required, with collection points indicated throughout the city’s Jewish districts. The orders also instruct that the clothes no longer have any ownership tags or labels.

This order was posted to a Jew in Charlottenburg and bears a rare red “J.K.V.” cancel. This order resulted largely from poor planning on the part of the German army as supplies became inadequate to face the Russian winter.