TYPE: Mask
DIMENSIONS: Height: 23 inches
COMPONENTS: Blackened wood with white pigment (kaolin) at the eyes and ears. The horns grooved. An old collection number "383" in red ink at the end of the proper left nostril. A raffia collar attached to the holes along the perimeter.
CONDITION: In very good condition, scuffs and erosion to the flat end of the snout.
NOTES: Provenance:
Property from the Collection of Dr. Richard and Jan Baum, Los Angeles, CA
ITEM ID: 5565
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A Holo Buffalo Mask

Century: 20th (1901-2000)
Notes: early to mid 20th century

A Holo buffalo mask.

The Holoholo are a Bantu ethnic group with about 15,500 speakers of the Holoholo language today. They use their masks to promote success in hunting and to venerate ancestors.