TYPE: Manuscript
DIMENSIONS: 30 x 22.5 cm
COMPONENTS: Four lines of large incised script, above five columns of smaller script.
ITEM ID: 4278
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A List of Clans and Communities

Year: 1219
Decade: 1210s
Century: 13th (1200-1300)
Notes: Dated Thursday 24 January 1219 AD

The names Vasatapāla and Tejapāla appear right after the date – these refer to Vastupāla and Tejaḥpāla, two brothers who served as ministers to the ruler of modern-day Patan (Gujarat) in the early 13th century.

The first three columns contain a list of names numbered 1 to 84, many of which are recognizable as clan/caste/community names prevalent in Gujarat and Rajasthan. The clumsy lines at the bottom of column C are names of ruling dynasties (or simply of clans supposedly descended from these dynasties), numbered 1 to 4 and continuing with number 5 in less clumsy characters at the top of column D. This second list goes on up to number 39 at the end of column D, with three more names in clumsy characters numbered 1 to 3 at the bottom of this column.