TYPE: Poster
DIMENSIONS: 22 1/2x18 inches, 57 1/4x45 3/4 cm.
CONDITION: Condition A: minor abrasions at edges. Printed on thick paper.
NOTES: In 1972, when Delmerico was asked to create a poster for a talk by Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee at Carnegie Hall, he visited his local comic book store and brought a bunch of issues.

Then, he sat down and, quite amazingly, in his own hand drew the pastiche that is pictured here. His sister, Nancy Delmerico Vitagliano says just 300 of the posters were made, but the image became widely copied, reproduced, celebrated and sought after by collectors.

This poster, however, remains an iconic reminder of that Silver Age of comic history. His composite image of 19 famous Marvels' faces is an excellent graphic assemblage and a pop-culture puzzle. There were three hundred copies of the poster printed for sale the night of the show. The 1970 copyright notice on the bottom is a printer's mistake.
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A Marvel-ous Evening with Stan Lee!

Year: 1972
Decade: 1970s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

In 1972, promoters rented out Carnegie Hall in an attempt to raise Stan Lee, the publisher of Marvel Comics, to a higher national profile. By most accounts the improperly conceived and poorly organized event did not go very well.

Name: George DelMerico
Type: Artist
Artists Dates: 1945-2013
Artist Information: The artist was a Pratt graduate with no attachment to Marvel.