TYPE: Coat of Arms
DIMENSIONS: 73 cm x 45 cm
COMPONENTS: The Coat of Arms has a thick silver thread border.
CONDITION: It has some staining, tears and some little losses.
NOTES: Due to the Mexican eagle, the fabric and the aesthetic, we believe the flag to be from between 1820-1830. We think that this is could be one of our most impressive Mexican artifacts if it is indeed from the 19th century.
REFERENCE EXTERNAL LINKS: Click this link to view an image which resembles the emblem used for the Constitution of 1824.

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A Mexican Coat of Arms

Year: Pre-1830
Decade: 1820s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: This Mexican Coat of Arms seems to be from between 1820-1830.

This Mexican Coat of Arms seems to be from between 1820-1830. The image as a whole with the nopales below was the one used for the 1824 Constitution. The image, with the coat of arms and the nopales with the names of the States, was not commonly used, even less so after 1830.

In one of the nopales it contains the state of “Sonora an Sinaloa” as a single one; they separated in 1830. Also in the “nopales” you can see the name Alta California, which was composed of what is now California and Arizona. Also included are New Mexico and “Coahuila y Texas. After 1847, these territories were taken from Mexico by the U.S.