MATERIAL: Woodblock Printed
TYPE: Poster
DIMENSIONS: 10 X 14 1/2 inches
CONDITION: In good shape with fine colors.
priceInfo: 752-754: 950, 1200; 315, 400
ITEM ID: 1733
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A New Year’s Flyer

Year: 1889
Decade: 1880s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: Meiji 22

According to scholar Angelika Koch, “This is actually issued by the shipping and transport company Sumiyoshiya Yasutaro (therefore the steamship and train in the images on top). It has a calendar for the year Meiji 22 in the right hand bottom corner and then a New Years’ greeting on the left. I am suspecting this would have probably been distributed as a New Year’s item to customers by the company.”