TYPE: Vessel
DIMENSIONS: Height 20 inches (50.8 cm).
NOTES: Provenance: 
Art Market, Canal Zone, Panama.
Dora (b. 1920) & David McIlhenny (1920-1992), Green Valley Arizona, acquired while living in Panama, 1960s-1977; thence by descent. (Inv. no. 75)
(Accompanied with a letter of ownership.)
ITEM ID: 5553
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A Nicoya Polychrome Effigy Vessel

Notes: Circa 500-1000 A.D.

Costa Rican polychrome effigy vessel.

The kingdom of Nicoya (also called Cacicazgo) was an indigenous nation that comprised much of the North Pacific area of present day Costa Rica which achieved a complex social organization and high degree of cultural development. When the Spanish arrived in the 16th century, they found complex cities and governments. Nicoya was the name of the monarch who ruled this nation at the time of contact with the Europeans.