TYPE: Scroll
DIMENSIONS: 81cm x 41 cm each
COMPONENTS: Two ceremonial painting scrolls.
CONDITION: Damaged at the top, fold wear, edge wear damp; patched in a few places on the back to prevent deterioration. The real paintings are duller than the photos that were taken in warm lighting.
NOTES: Such old pieces are rarely available as most have been destroyed through usage.

Literature Reference: "Peoples of the Golden Triangle" by Paul & Elaine Lewis.
ITEM ID: 5163

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A Pair of Yao Ceremonial Painting Scrolls

Notes: pre-1800

This extremely well rendered pair of paintings depicting male and female ancestors is used at celebrations and rituals to represent ancestors who protect and bless the clan.

The faces depicted have unique features that are different from other Yao paintings. This set from the Kin Mun Yao of Northern Vietnam and is of significant age. Microscopic examination of the paper reveals an unfamiliar fabric like structure. Inscriptions are seen in a few places but the script is an old unrecognizable one.