MATERIAL: Earthenware
TYPE: Vessel
DIMENSIONS: 13 inches
CONDITION: In excellent condition, original patina and surface with post-fired colored resin paint intact.
NOTES: Provenance:
Robert & Carolyn Nelson Collection
David Bernstein Fine Art, New York, NY
Ex. Ben Wyker collection, New York.

A similar jar is illustrated in Culturas Precolombinas: Paracas Arte y Tesoros del Peru, by J. Antonio de La Valle, Banco de Credito del Peru, 1989, page 140. And another illustrated in Ceramics of Ancient Peru, by Christopher B. Donnan, University of California, Los Angeles, 1993, page 58.
ITEM ID: 4823
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A Paracas-Ocucaje phase Ovoid Jar with Pair of Incised Felines

Notes: c. 300-200 BC

Very large earthenware egg-shaped vessel with remains of red, yellow, and black slips. Deeply and confidently grooved to depict two feline figures with large frontal heart-shaped heads, their animated bodies in profile, serpents emanate from heads and tails, and each drags a severed human head in one paw.