TYPE: Home Decor
DIMENSIONS: 12 x 9 ft.
NOTES: Professor Nersessian considers it "a spectacular item of historical importance. In the context of your collection this is a very unique item." Traded for.
ITEM ID: 300

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Altar Curtain

Year: 1788
Decade: 1780s
Century: 18th (1701-1800)

This altar curtain was a gift from Mahdesi Astuadsatur in memory of his deceased parents to the historic church of Saint Karapet in Kesarea. It is dated March 25, 1788. The embroidered images represent the Crucifiction, the burial, the descent from the cross, and the Resurection.The inscription of dedication on this altar curtain is just below the image of the Risen Christ. The Church of Holy Karapet in Kesarea (Ceasaria) was one of the oldest Armenian churches, first being mentioned in written sources in 1206 A.D. It was renovated in 1846. By 1914, it’s library had 200 manuscripts, 2,000 printed books , and a spectacular collection of sacred treasures. Today, the wooden entrance door of Sourb Karapet is in the National Museum of Yerevan.

Name: Mahdesi Astuadsatur
Type: Artist