TYPE: Figurine
DIMENSIONS: Height: 18 ¾ inches
CONDITION: In apparently good condition aside from usual surface erosion from underground context, stains, and plugs of wax on underside of feet.
NOTES: Provenance: A Private Collection from Beverly Hills, CA
ITEM ID: 4815

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An Ameca Jalisco Standing Female

Notes: c. 200 BC - 200 AD

A rich cream color with red-brown paint on neck and feet. Standing on sturdy short legs, short arms held out to sides, large breasts, row of scarification bumps on shoulders, unusual oversized muscles on the neck supporting the oversized head.

Ameca (Nahuatl languages: Amecatl “string of water”) is a city and municipality, in Jalisco in central-western Mexico. The municipality covers an area of 685.73 km. The city is bisected by the Ameca River which drains to the Pacific Ocean near Puerto Vallarta. It is also approximately 83 km (approximately 50 miles) from the state capital and one of Mexico’s largest commercial centers, Guadalajara.