TYPE: Mask
DIMENSIONS: Height: 21 inches (53.43 cm)
COMPONENTS: It has curving superstructures at crown along with four separately carved and attached heads. One face painted red, the other black.
CONDITION: In very good condition, appropriate for its age, origin, fragility, and mediums; minor cracks and scuffs as to be expected.
ITEM ID: 5563
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An Ibibio Helmet Mask

Century: 20th (1901-2000)
Notes: early to mid 20th century

An Ibibio helmet mask.

This type of Janus helmet mask was made and used by several groups in Southern Nigeria including the Igbo, Ibibio, and the Itzi. The scarification marks and carving of the brow and mouth areas suggest an Ibibio attribution for this one.

The Ibibio are a coastal people in southern Nigeria who use a variety of masks to execute social control. Their masks make up the greatest works of art in Ibibio society. Most are now Christians, and their pre-Colonial religion was called Inam.