TYPE: Scroll
DIMENSIONS: 40 inches long and 7 inches wide
REFERENCE EXTERNAL LINKS: Description of a system for military use divination.

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An Ogasawara Transmission on Warcraft Scroll

Decade: 1800s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: circa 1800s?

According to scholar Alexander Vesey, “An Ogasawara transmission on warcraft.
Ogasawara Ujitaka (小笠原氏隆), who is listed here with the court ranks of Iyo no kami (伊予守 – the protector of Iyo province).

Regarding the title, it appears to be a derivative creation, and the author was perhaps playing with the second character of the title– 閲 –to turn it into the kimon meaning that mark indicates. This would fit into the divinatory nature of the document. The internal text also makes references to combat, victory, etc.

The source text(?) supposedly is of Heian origins, but according to the description, Edo scholars thought it was apocryphal.

The last page includes the statement that it should be passed secretly within the house, but, well, here we are: another interesting item in your collection.”

According to Mark Teeuwen, “An Ogasawara transmission on warcraft. But Ogasawara Ujiyori 氏頼 doesn’t appear in lists I have seen… 門+鬼 must mean 鬼門, kimon, the dangerous direction North-east.”