MATERIAL: Parchment
TYPE: Manuscript
DIMENSIONS: Each leaf 170 by 140mm. (written space 115 by 85mm.)
COMPONENTS: Illuminated manuscript on parchment.Bifolium, single column, 6 lines in sepia maghribi, two illuminated surah headings in kulfic script with marginal rosettes, in gold and outlined in blue, diacritics and vocalisation in green and orange.
CONDITION: Some dampstaining along upper edge of bifolium, central crease split along upper edge, small tear with slight loss to upper margin of one leaf with slight loss (not affecting text).
ITEM ID: 4259
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Andalusian Qur’an Bifolium

Century: 14th (1301-1400)
Notes: c1300

Andalusian Qur’an bifolium, including the complete surah az-Zalzalah (XCIX), from al-Bayyinah (XCIIX) verse 8 to al-­iyat (C) verse 1.

From an early Qur’an produced in Al-Andalus, or Muslim Spain, at a time when Christians had already broken the power of the Almohads in Andalusia, taking Cordoba in 1236 and Seville in 1248. Muslim populations of the region continued to resist this encroachment, but dwindled slowly until the decisive fall of Granada in 1492.

‘The Earthquake’ surah concerns the final day of judgment when the earth itself will violently shake to bring all of man’s good and evil doings to the surface, and bear witness and testify either for or against man before Allah.