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Anti-Semitic Postcard from Borkum Resort

Year: 1920
Decade: 1920s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Color postcard sending “Greetings from Borkum”, a North Sea German resort that prided itself on being “Jew-free”. The postcard depicts a large crowd of “Christian” Germans enjoying a meal and a concert at the resort. At right appears a smaller vignette of a Jewish family entreating a Borkum hotel owner: “Sorry, we are approaching you with flat feet that must go out!” The owner responds: “Go out [away]!”

At bottom appears the lyrics to the infamous “Borkum Song” which sings the praises of the resort’s “exclusive” policy: “…At Borkum’s beach only German culture applies / The breading is only German…But who approaches you with flat feet / With crooked noses and frizzy hair / He shouldn’t enjoy your beach / He has to go out! He has to go out! Out!”

Postmarked in Borkum and mailed to a man in Berlin.