TYPE: Game
COMPONENTS: 134 Mahjong tiles and box
CONDITION: I counted 134 pieces pluse round pieces (as per scans) so this is a near-complete set, I saw only a couple of tiles with any chips, the rest are in very nice condition and you can clearly see the workmanship and bright and beautiful colors and detail. This set is truly of excellent design and carving.
NOTES: Great quality. Any set carved of bone is sought after, since no two sets are ever completely identical.
priceInfo: 8/5
ITEM ID: 3816

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Antique Bone and Bamboo Mahjong Game

Decade: 1920s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Nearly 100 years old, Chinese hand-carved, hand-painted Mahjong game.Sets originally were made with no Arabic numbers or Western letters, making it hard for people who rely on those indices to play. Sets that were made for export, with nicely placed numbers and letters, are desirable.Looking at the beauty of the carving, and the details, you can see the more brilliant the color of the pieces (green or orange bring more than black) the greater the value.The Mahjong game came in the box you see, the box is vintage and beautifully crafted (probably 1920s), although not likely the original box.