ORIGINAL TITLE Title: 永代年代記大成
MATERIAL: Woodblock Printed
TYPE: Print Book
DIMENSIONS: 5 X 7 inches (closed)
COMPONENTS: 106 pages
CONDITION: Original covers, partial title slip, contents complete, minor wormage, generally fair to good shape for the age.
priceInfo: No picture, no price info
ITEM ID: 1779

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Atlas & Almanac

Year: 1846
Decade: 1840s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: Koka 3

Compilation of the Ever-Lasting Chronicle. Japanese print book Atlas and Almanac, which includes a full color double page map of the world, a double page map of Japan, a double page map of Kyoto; a 3 page contiguous map of Edo with the pleasure quarters of Yoshiwara; charts and tables; etc.  

Name: Hanasanjin 鼻山人
Type: Author
Artists Dates: 1791-1858
Name: Hosokawa Namisuke 細川並輔
Type: Editor