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Bolivian Lunar Calendar

Year: 1836
Decade: 1830s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: 1835-95

Hand written Lunar Calendar from 1838-95 (lunario perpetuo or perpetual lunary – a perpetual moon calendar). It reads “Potosi Independiente” along the bottom edge of the calendar, and therefore comes from Bolivia (the only known South American city with the name “Potosi” is in Bolivia).

1835 was the year of the Bolivian Federation with Peru. Some Bolivians did not want to join with Peru, and the sentence “Potosi Independiente” probably refers to that issue.

According to scholar Kees Verduin, “I can perhaps shed some light on this calendar. Looking at the disc, one notices 4 concentric rows, containing years 1837 – 1895 in the first three. Each row differs 19 years from the next: the length of the Metonic cycle. Every 19 years the phases of the moon occur at exactly the same date. This suggests that it was probably published around 1837 or 1836. The link with the 4th row is unclear to me, but may provide an offset for using the table below.”