TYPE: Broadside
DIMENSIONS: 42 cm x 28 cm
CONDITION: Paper loss in the left margin, not affecting the text. Else, in very good condition.
NOTES: Very rare. OCLC states only one copy worldwide. No sales records in any auction house.
Foreign Language Inscription: “Don Francisco Xavier Venegas de Saavedra… Por el Supremo Ministerio de Gracia y Justicia se me ha comunicado con fecha de 31 de Enero del presente año la Real Orden siguiente… La guerra en que se halla empeñada España para conservar su religión, su honor, sus propiedades y su libertad, es una defensa la más justa quantas ha hecho Nación alguna…” -Venegas, Francisco Xavier
Inscription Translation: "Don Francisco Xavier Venegas de Saavedra ... I have been informed by the Supreme Ministry of Grace and Justice on 31 January of this year of the next Royal Order ... The war in which Spain is committed to preserve its religion, its properties and its freedom, is a defense as fair as any Nation has made ... "-Venegas, Francisco Xavier
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Broadside by Viceroy Francisco Xavier Venegas

Year: 1812
Decade: 1810s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: October 16, 1812.

The present broadside, published by the Viceroy Francisco Xavier Venegas, begins with a glorification of the Spanish forces and their armed resistance against the armies of Napoleón: “…los Españoles con su heroyca constancia y con paciencia invencible han opuesto una barrera a los proyectos interminables de un malvado, que quisera poner baxo su yugo el universo” (The spanish people, with their heroic constancy and with invencible patience have opposed a barrier to the endless plans of an evil man, that wishes to put under his yoke the Universe.)

After that, it mentions the recent promulgation of the Spanish Constitution by the Cadiz Cortes.

Finally, the Viceroy makes an appeal to archbishops, bishops and ecclesiastical councils in Mexico, for donations to support the war against the French forces.