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Buenos Aires Federacion Zionist Document

Decade: 1920s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

A Buenos Aires Federacion Zionist document dating to the 1920s (“due to the errors into the accounts”).

The rough translation is -“Taking into account the twerigites that the contadorits has in the course of the Kern Hayesod campaign from last year, due to the errors that used to fall into the accounts or in the names of those who are not members of the Kern Hayesod, and to remove the errors as far as possible, you are requested:
1) Collected funds for the foundation should be properly sealed.
2) To the sealed funds, the appropriate donations from the donors for which we have sent out the appropriate plans should be added immediately.
3) The light must contain the full Names and surnames given.
4) It is recommended that the name as well as the surname should be written in Latin letters. Where you will, according to the instructions in the same, include everything that can be done with the account of the foundation funds we require one to relate to the whole. Pay attention to all the instructions and approach exactly the same keeping in mind that it’s about money.”