ORIGINAL TITLE Title: Bula de la Santa Cruzada para las Provincias de la Nueva España
PRONUNCIATION: Bula de la Santa Cruzada para las Provincias de la Nueva España
TYPE: Documents (Loose)
DIMENSIONS: 30 x 42 cm
COMPONENTS: With printed seals and signatures on the bottom, two vignettes on the upper section. With a contemporary manuscript note on the back.
CONDITION: Tear in the middle folding line, no loss. Very good condition.
priceInfo: 5/3/16
ITEM ID: 3602

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Bula de la Santa Cruzada

Year: 1744

This is the “Bula de la Santa Cruzada.” Most patents from confraternities say this document must be bought to make Indulgences valid. Indulgences released the holder from temporary sins, that otherwise should have been purged either during his earthly life or after death in purgatory. In the case of the Bulls of the Holy Crusade, the funds were reserved for the fight against the “infidels.”

Page 133 onwards speaks on the problems that Colonial authorities of New Spain had regarding those acquiring indulgences. The native peoples gave a status to these documents that the Spanish considered heathen, by using them as “magical” items. Although the Spaniards wanted the native peoples to buy indulgences, they considered using them in this manner to be heretical.