TYPE: Letter
COMPONENTS: Three typed letters include: (1) CBS Sales Manager letter addressed to Bob Keeshan updating him on the play kits offered on Captain Kangaroo (selling 143,000 more than expected). Dated 14 January 1959, 7.25'' x 10.5'' (2) Update letter from George Bond & Associates: ''...Bob, we were astounded! The mail pull [for Schwinn bicycles] was far beyond our expectations... you are a force to move more merchandise!'' From 14 January 1959, 7.25'' x 10.5'' (3) D'Arcy Advertising letter to CBS overwhelmed by the response to Gerber Baby Dolls after being featured on Captain Kangaroo. Reads in part ''...Keep Captain telecasting - it's a very important part of the Gerber advertising program...'' Two pages, dated 14 January 1958, 8.5'' x 10.75''.
CONDITION: Near fine.
NOTES: From the estate of Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo) .
ITEM ID: 4827

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Captain Kangaroo – 1950s Era CBS Promo Letters

Decade: 1950s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)
Notes: 1959-59

Early Captain Kangaroo marketing letters, delivering good news about promotional responses from Kangaroo viewers.