ORIGINAL TITLE Title: Titled in Chinese 'A HOST OF DEMONS' (also translated as "Pictures of Ghosts")
PRONUNCIATION: Titled in Chinese 'A HOST OF DEMONS' (also translated as "Pictures of Ghosts")
TYPE: Poster
DIMENSIONS: 21" x 31"
NOTES: Very few of these type posters survive because soon after the end of the Cultural Revolution all such examples were ordered destroyed. From a single collection obtained entirely in China pre-2000.
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Chinese “Ghost Poster” of Condemned Counter-Revolutionaries

Year: 1967
Decade: 1960s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

This relic of the Cultural Revolution documents the attack of the “Anti-Revolutionary Revisionist Clique” of the Physical Sports System of Hebei Province.

It begins with a quotation from Chairman Mao entitled “Highest Instructions’: ‘The Imperialists and Reactionaries in this Country will not settle with their failures but will keep trying. Even after National Liberation they still continue all varieties of destructive efforts in an attempt to regain power. So it is unquestionable: we must not loosen our vigilance. The enemies will not disappear by themselves no matter how the Chinese react to invading American Imperialists.” (An obvious reference to the Vietnam War which began with American forces three years earlier.)

This poster represents a genuine record of the way government workers were punished if they were caught doing improper activities but it is also possible that some of the accused may have been innocent and their names supplied by envious colleagues who wanted to see them persecuted by the revolutionaries.

According to scholar Jeffrey Kinkley, “Wow, this is really specialized. Must be rare all right. Printed by the Tianjin Athletic Commune. I wonder if that ‘commune’ was a self-appointed group of Revolutionary Rebels who seized power during the chaos and started going after this ‘counterrevolutionary, revisionist clique within the Hebei province athletic system.’ Maybe some of the alleged malefactors were former referees who called fouls against the wrong young people in years previous…. Many are called dogs.”

Name: Tianjin Physical Sports Commune
Type: Printer