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Chinese in Cuba – Various Documents

Century: 19th (1801-1900)

Material from the Chinese community in Cuba. Iincludes:

1) Lot of about 10 Chinese script printed documents
2) Old manuscript large, long several pages at the beginning filled in at the beginning , the rest are blank, tied together with “flat string”
3 ) Letter from Chinese Consulate General, Spanish manuscript, speaking of reforms, c1870s
4) Three different 1877 Residency documents for Chinese – only three I have have ever had or seen
5) Lot similar to 1) above only likely 50+ copies of the document, variation in script
6) 1894 signature of the Chinese Consul General of Cuba with Red Chinese Seal
7) 1879 Manuscript in Spanish discussing Chinese colonos
8) Single page Chinese manuscript
9) Chinese manuscript with old bilingual Chinese/Spanish handstamp and wormholes
10) Min Chi Tang envelope (only one I have ever seen)
11) Early 20th century Cuba tobacco document made out to Chino (canton)
12) 1983 Chinese Registry book, and although it’s recent, it’s filled with Chinese and a different Chinese name per page, perhaps a registry of current Chinese in Cuba left. It is full and 3/4″ thick.