TYPE: Documents (Loose)
COMPONENTS: 89 letters; all on original letterhead; many stamps; many official Chinese & Cuban seals
NOTES: This is an extraordinary group of 89 letters. The historical value is huge, the letters are colorful. Also, and importantly, I had the Cuban Government approve the export of this archive and the Export Certificate stating this is an original archive is included.
priceInfo: grouped with other items. Lot total 5484. Price breakdown given in email.
ITEM ID: 2520

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Chinese Society Letters

Group of letters from different Chinese Societies in Cuba. Many of the letters outline the structure of the Societies from President to Secretary to. These people would have been the important individuals in the Chinese Society in Cuba. The letters bear many stamps, with many official Chinese and Cuban seals (hand-stamps). Several of these are from Casino Chung Wah.