TYPE: Poster
DIMENSIONS: 21x15 inches
CONDITION: some creases where folded; very minor abrasions
ITEM ID: 491

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Cigarette Ad for African-Americans

Year: 1965
Decade: 1960s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)
Notes: 1963-68

Two large color posters for the African-American market for Pall Mall cigarettes. The posters feature models Doris Chambers and Betty Finley. Until the 1960s, advertising for mainstream products were not aimed toward any specific ethnic group. These posters represent some of the earliest advertisements specifically tailored for the African-American market. The noted black bibliophile, Clarence Holte was responsible for some of the earliest advertising in this area, done for the agency B.B.D. and O. The Ad states: Pall Mall Cigarettes – Mildness is a Pleasure with Pall Mall.