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COMPONENTS: 41 items. Varying size and condition.
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Collection of Documents and Letters – Argentinian Rabbinate and its Institutions

Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Collection of documents, letters, posters and notices from the rabbinate and community institutions in Buenos Aires, in Hebrew and Yiddish, most addressed or related to R. Yaakov Fink, Rabbi of Argentina and Haifa. Buenos Aires and elsewhere, 1940-1970.

The items include:• A Ketubah from Buenos Aires, 1941, with a confirmation signed and stamped by R. Yaakov Fink in 1952.• Divorce document, approval of divorce and appointment of agent, from Buenos Aires, 1959, signed by R. Shmuel Yaakov Glicksberg, Rabbi of Buenos Aires, and other rabbis.• Prayer for inauguration of the Jewish National Fund by R. Yaakov Fink. Typewritten.• Printed poster, notice of a sermon by R. Yaakov Fink, vice president of the Mizrachi in Buenos Aires, on March 18, 1943. Yiddish.• Handwritten notebook, congratulations for the wedding of R. Yaakov Fink in 1941, with dozens of signatures by rabbis and students of the Buenos Aires Torah school.• Certificate for R. Yaakov Fink’s activity as director of the Institute for Jewish Studies in Buenos Aires, from 1951.• Letters sent to R. Yaakov Fink on rabbinic and communal matters.
R. Yaakov Fink (1902-1984) studied under R. Meir Arik and R. Yosef Engel, as well as in other renowned Galician yeshivas and the Berlin Rabbinical Seminary. At the start of the Holocaust in 1939, he fled to Argentina, where he was appointed Rabbi and began to establish yeshivas, Torah schools, mikvaot and other Jewish necessities. His Beit Din addressed many questions of divorce and agunot in the wake of the Holocaust. He later served as Rabbi of Brazil and again as Chief Rabbi of Argentina. In 1963 he immigrated to Eretz Israel and was appointed dayan and head of the Haifa Beit Din.