TYPE: Book
COMPONENTS: Vol. II (of a four volume set) 269 pages
CONDITION: Paper wrappers, front cover with some loss in the right margin. Light to heavy foxing. Small worm holes affecting first and last pages. In the Maya language. Fine condition.
NOTES: The study of the Mayan language started very late. 1846 actually is a very early for a book in Mayan.

This book is volume two from a four volume set. However, the volumes are sort of independent, and hardly come up for sale. The set has never been for sale, and I didn´t even find a sales record for a single volume.

ITEM ID: 4192

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Collection of Semons in Merida Language

Year: 1846
Decade: 1840s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)

Collection of sermons for Sundays throughout the year and Lent, taken from various authors, and freely translated into the Yucatec language, Merida.

Name: Joaquin Ruz
Type: Author
Artist Information: Joaquín Ruz, was the earliest, the most prolific and important Mayan language scholar. One of the earliest and most important Maya language scholars. All of his books are seldom found: the last sales record of any of his books that I could find dates back to 1978. There is another one from 1971 and that's it. Ruz was a Yucatecan of the Franciscan order, born in 1772. His life is a complete enigma: research confirms only his ordination in Mérida. He dedicated his life - as his prolific work demonstrates - to the study of Maya language and to the evangelization of the natives in that language (against the dictates of the Royal Decree of 1770) It seems that he served as parish priest in Cenotillo (Yucatan), being one of the few Franciscans who performed such functions in those years, since his order had been practically removed from these functions and enjoyed, in contrast with past times, very little influence on the life of the Indians. He is the author of texts in Mayan language and of manuals of evangelization in that same language, the most important of the XIX century; His Yucatecan Grammar was translated into English by the Protestant missionaries who began to evangelize the indigenous people of the region in the mid-XIX century.