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Commemorative Medal

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Commemorative Medal for the “China Incident”

Scholar Brian Bergstrom commented, “This says that is a 支那事変記念章, or a commemorative medal for the ‘China Incident,’ a name for the conflict in China between 1937 and 1941, and around 1942, according to Japanese Wikipedia, this particular medal was created to award to people who aided the military on the home-front. Around then is when the name changed from “China Incident” to “Great East Asian War,” though, so it sounds like these were not as commonly circulated, though were not officially canceled until the end of the war (along with the parallel medal for participation in the Great East Asian War effort).”

According to scholar Jonathan Clements, “It commemorates participation in 支那事變 (The China Incident), which is to say the 1937 invasion of China that escalated eventually into the Pacific War.”