MATERIAL: Copper Plate
TYPE: Manuscript
DIMENSIONS: 335 x 166 mm
ITEM ID: 4285
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Copper Plate Document of Land Donation

Year: 1707
Notes: Dated Asauj sudi 10 VS 1765 = 1707 AD

After the standard opening phrases, there are 13 lines of script, in Sanskrit and Hindi, from Rajasthan. The text records a donation of 40 bighas of land to Sukha Neogi by Maharav Sakun Singh and Maharajakumar Jasvant Singh.

After an invocation of the god Sri Rama the word Sahi, ‘true’ or ‘witnessed’ is written above the body of the text. The actual text starts with the word siddhi and states that the act of donation to the recipient and their descendants occurs by the words of the landlord. There is a concluding Sanskrit verse which states “Those men who take away land given by others or by themselves will go to hell as long as the Moon and the Sun exist”. The date of the document in Vikram Samvat (2001 AD+ VS 2058) is given at the end.

Name: Ramisan Baksi
Type: Writer