TYPE: Letter
COMPONENTS: -1 manuscript letter, 4 pages -manuscript dictionary in Nahuatl/Spanish -1 typed letter with words in Spanish

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Correspondence About the Meaning of Words in Nahuatl

Year: 1894
Decade: 1890s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)
Notes: January 8, 1894

This is a letter directed to an important Mexican historian that contains a small Nahuatl dictionary. It has been a long time since I last found material in Indian languagues. I particularly liked this letter, as it is quite different from the material in Nahuatl that I have seen previously. Response of Jose B. Sandoval, chaplain of Chimalhuacan, to José M. Marroqui (an important Mexican writer and historian). Sandoval sends a list of Nahuatl words as requested by Mr. Marroqui. The typed list appears to be the original inquiry of Marroqui. The chaplain provides what a list of what he calls “the real Mexican names”; some examples: Mixhuca: place were the clouds gather; Zacatenco: market of Mexican sponges; Huloc: god of the waters; Chiquiz: place were the strong ones are.