Cuban Autograph Album

Year: 1909
Decade: 1900s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

An autograph book dated from around 1909 containing approximately 80 autographs, almost all accompanied by a dedication. All signatures are dedicated to an extremely high-profile Cuban – Quesada – who is considered one of the three founding fathers of Cuba from its independence in 1898 – 1902 together with his father (also Quesada) alongside Jose Marti. They helped form Cuba as we know it today – an independent nation. Here is the list of some of the signatures in the book:

– US. President Theodore Roosevelt
– U.S. Vice President Fairbanks
– U.S. Secretary of State Elihu Root
– Cuban President, Alfredo Zayas
– Commisioner of Puerto Rico, Tulio Larrinaga
– Prince Zaizhen of China (載振) – a Manchu prince
– Liang Cheng (震東梁誠) Chinese ambassador to the US, Peru and Cuba
– Captain Koenig (with photo card), German U-boat “Deutschland”‘s commander
– Captain of ship “Cap Blanco”, Hamburg to South America voyage, with photo of the captain and signature
– Captain G.Bachmann, Hamburg Amerika Line, German ship Captain of the “King Friedrich August”, with photo of the captain and signature
– Joaquim Nabuco, Brazil, Senator, Key Slavery Abolitionist
– Lord/Viscount James Bryce, Chief Secretary for Ireland
– General Carlos Garcia Velez, Cuba
– John Barrett, Minister to Argentina, Siam
– Dr. Rodolfo Espinoza, Nicaraguan Plenipotentiary to United States
– Don Joaquin Bernardo Calvo, Minister of Costa Rica to U.S.
– Francisco Bornada, Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba
– Don Jose Domingo de Obaldia, 2nd President of Panama, 1st President elected by popular vote
– Jusserand, France, French Ambassador to U.S. Pulitzer Prize for History
– Don Anibal Cruz, Minister of Chile to U.S.
– Laura C. Quintero
– US Assistant Secretary of State, John Basset Moore,
– Dr. Victorino de la Plaza, President of Argentina
– Mario Estrada
– Charles Limberti de…
– U.S. Brigadier General C.H. Sherrill, American Minister to Argentina
– Jacinto Campillo
– Ernst Hass
– Nicolas Briceno
– Doris Weixler, actress
– Sultan, Hamid e. Sultan, Arabic inscriptions
– Henry White, signed Treaty of Versailles, U.S. ambassador to France
– Baron Edmondo Mayor des Planches, Italian Ambassador to the U.S.
– Takahira, Japanese Ambassador to U.S.
– Sardar, Shiv Deo Singh
– Sirdar Kahan Singh, Great Indian Scholar
– Luis de Herrera, Uruguayan Minister to U.S.