MATERIAL: Hand-Written/Painted
TYPE: Documents (Loose)
COMPONENTS: antique document; 22 pgs; 16 pages are hand written; numerous signatures and stamps from:
ITEM ID: 740

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Cuban Emancipation Legal Documents (22)

Year: 1882
Decade: 1880s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)

This document is a set of legal documents relating to emancipation of slavery in Cuba 1882. There are numerous signatures and stamps from:Junta Provincial de Patronato Matanzas – “Matanzas Provincial Board of Trustees”Alcaldia Matanzas – “Matanzas City Hall”In this document Slave named Leandra Gutierrez is trying to get freed from her owner named Joaquina Gutierrez. The case is handled by “Junta Provincial de Patronato Matanzas” and “Alcaldia Matanzas” which had the authority to emancipate slaves and held all legal cases relating to slavery / owner disputes. Despite the Cuban Abolition Law which was passed in 1862 many slave owners refused to grant their subjects freedom. The only way to get legal status of a free citizen was to take legal action against the owner. The set begins with a letter written by the slave with a complaint against the owner and a request to be freed based on the Abolition Law. Following are several documents issued by “Patronato Matanzas” and “Alcaldia Matanzas” with legal opinions relating to this case. It ends with a decision signed by the head of “Junta Provincial de Patronato Matanzas” stating that Leandra Gutierrez is to be released from her owner and given legal status of a free citizen.