MATERIAL: Engraving
TYPE: Broadside
DIMENSIONS: 5 3/4 x 4 1/4 inches,
CONDITION: Printed on coated white stock; light wear to upper and lower margins with minimal loss to to imprint line, minor foxing. Boston: L.H. Bridgham, 1836
NOTES: Joe Bidwell’s article “American History in Image and Text” in Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society 98 (1988) identified 45 different printings before 1900.
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Declaration of Independence Miniature Print

Year: 1836
Decade: 1930s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)

The first miniature printing of the Declaration of Independence, illustrated with the state seals and a portrait of Washington. Bidwell 15.

Decorative broadside printings of the Declaration of Independence first appeared on the market in 1817 and quickly became a popular expression of patriotism.

Name: L.H. Bridgham
Type: Printer