TYPE: Poster
DIMENSIONS: 36 cm x 56 cm.
COMPONENTS: 1 sheet. Xylographic decorative frame. With a signature at the end.
CONDITION: Some holes in content, one of 3 cm. Overall: Very Good condition.
NOTES: Very rare document. No institutional holding record (Worldcat, 2015)
ITEM ID: 3436
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Decree of Archbishop of Mexico Regarding Church Fees

Year: 1690
Decade: 1690s
Century: 17th (1601-1700)
Notes: August 23, 1690.

Decree of the Archbishop of Mexico regarding fees of the church. Nos El Doctor D. Francisco de Aguiar y Seyxas. Francisco de Aguiar, as Archbishop of the New Spain, undertook the task of correcting the fees of the ecclesiastical courts, which during the mandate of previous archbishops reached excessive amounts. The diocesan or ordinary tribunals, where conformed by Judges, public Notaries, Defenders, Major Officer and Major Sheriff Prosecutor; all of which charged a fee or “derecho” for any given operation:
• The Judge: For personal inspection, 5 pesos; excommunications, 4 reales.
• The public notary: Assistance in public auctions, 3 pesos;
• Major Official: Reviewing a testament, 4 reales.
• Major Sheriff Prosecutor: for every estate seizure, 1 peso.