TYPE: Book
COMPONENTS: 4to. 7 leaves, 38p. Complete. Recent vellum binding, and recent end-pages. Woodcut engravings in the title page.
CONDITION: Light staining in the right margin of the first pages, otherwise clean interior. Very good condition. 
NOTES: In my experience the Mixtecan languages books are beyond rare. The auction records prove that, there are only 4 existing sales of Mixtecan books: Dorothy Sloan, 2013 (Catecismo en idioma Mixteco, 1837), Sothebys 1995 (CATHECISMO Y EXPLICACION DE LA DOCTRINA CHRISTIANA), Otto Lange, 1923 (Arte en lengua Mixteca publié par H. de Charencey. 1889) and Otto Lange, 1921 (Arte en lengua Mixteca publié par H. de Charencey. 1889). 

[Palau 269108; Sabin 71490; edition not in Medina (BHA); cf. Medina JMexico) 3969. Second edition, there first one is from 1719 (no sales record exists). Only 4 copies found in institutions, 2 of them in the US (worldcat, 2015). Only sale record: Sothebys, 1995. 

The one that I was given today is the same one that was sold by Sothebys in 1995. It is just amazing to have the chance to see a book in the Mixtecan language.
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Explanation of Christian Doctrine in Miztec

Year: 1755
Decade: 1750s
Century: 18th (1701-1800)

Catechism and explanation of the Christian Doctrine in Miztec. Composed by Geronimo de Ripalda, of the Sacred Society of Jesus. Translated into the Miztec language by the M.R.P.Fr Antonio Gonzles of the Sacred Order of Preachers, Miztec Minister and Cura de la Casa de Nochistlan. Also added is how to give the viaticum to the sick. Dedicated to his beloved Mother of the Holy Province of Oaxaca, Order of the Preachers.

Name: Geronimo de Ripalda
Type: Author
Name: M.R.P.Fr Antonio Gonzles
Type: Translator
Name: Viuda de Miguel de Ortega.
Type: Printer