TYPE: Magazine
NOTES: From the estate of Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo). Very good.
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Fourteen Early Magazines with articles about Bob Keeshan and the Captain Kangaroo Show

Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Collection of vintage magazines with articles on Captain Kangaroo. This varied lot going back to the late 1950’s includes:

(1) Two copies of ”TV Guide” with Captain Kangaroo on the cover dated 29 July 1961;

(2) ”TV Guide” with article where Captain explains modern art to children dated 6-12 July 1957;

(3) ”TV Junior” with Captain riddle page dated March 1958;

(4) ”Look” magazine article about Captain’s appeal to youngsters dated 28 October 1958;

(5) ”Time” magazine with article titled ”Little Man’s Man” dated 3 August 1959;

(6) ”Time” magazine with positive letters regarding Captain’s influence dated 24 August 1959;

(7) ”TV Junior” with Captain and Bear on cover with article on how he got his name dated January 1959;

(8) Two issues of ”Today’s Health” with Captain on the cover and article about Captain’s campaign against TV violence dated August 1960;

(9) ”Jack and Jill” magazine with photos of the Captain demonstrating how to build a paper Easter cart, dated April 1960. Also includes publisher’s letter to Bob Keeshan and a sample card with photo of the Captain, Bear and Mr. Green Jeans which was mailed to children who wrote in;

(10) ”TV Guide” with article about Bob Keeshan and his ideals dated 5-11 August 1961;

(11) ”Good Housekeeping” with article written by Bob Keeshan about the quality of children’s television dated January 1963;

(12) ”Jack and Jill” with article about Captain visiting Holland dated October 1966;

(13) ”Parents” magazine with Bob Keeshan penned article taking us backstage at his show dated August 1966;

(14) ”People” magazine with article celebrating the show’s 25th year on TV dated 5 November 1979.