TYPE: Documents (Loose)
NOTES: Very Scarce Letterhead. The letterhead itself is the value of this item.
ITEM ID: 2444

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Freedman’s Bank Letter

Year: 1882
Decade: 1880s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: September 22, 1882

Official letter on Scarce Letterhead from the “The Freedman’s Saving and Trust Company.” The letter sends bond to cover a check. Freedman’s Savings Bank was a financial organization created by the U.S. government in 1865 to encourage and guide the economic development of the newly emancipated Slave communities in the post-Civil War period. Frederick Douglass served for a period as institution’s president. The Freedman’s Savings and Trust Company went bankrupt costing 61,000 depositors [primarily Blacks] $3,000,000.