TYPE: Trophy
CONDITION: The ball does show appropriate game use.
NOTES: Letter of provenance from Sandy Carter. "Trophee Trophy O'Keefe Ernest Pouliot Agent Granby Magog" is mentioned on the base.
ITEM ID: 3994
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Gary Carter Expos Home Run Record Trophy with Home Run Baseball

Year: 1977
Decade: 1970s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

The Gary Carter Collection. Twice during Gary Carter’s nineteen year career, he amassed thirty or more home runs. The first time Carter reached the club was in 1977. This is the actual ONL (Feeney) baseball he launched into orbit which accounted for his 31st home run that year.

“1977 Gary Carter Expo Record 31 Home Runs 1977” is engraved to a red plate on the wooden base.

“Home Run #31 Off Larry Christensen Oct. 2nd 1977 A Solo Home To Break The Record On The Last Day Of The Season Phils 5 Expos 3 3 2 2 1” is written in 6/10 black ballpoint to a side panel in an unknown hand.

The ball comfortably rests on a gold baseball glove on front.