TYPE: Medal
DIMENSIONS: 3 inches in diameter
ITEM ID: 5111
  • Artwork
  • Artwork

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German Commemorative Medal

German commemorative medal made of black metal with the seal of the German town of Abstwind on the face. On the verso, a ship under the words “Mt. Steigerwald”.

Abtswind (dialect: downswing) is a market with around 800 inhabitants in the Lower Franconian district of Kitzingen and a member of the Wiesentheid administrative community in Bavaria. The place is located at the foot of the Friedrichsberg in the west of the Steigerwald Nature Park.

Abtswind, which was first mentioned in a document in 783, consisted of the two places: Kleinabtswind and Großabtswind in the early Middle Ages. While Kleinabtswind degenerated into a desert during the Thirty Years War, the main town continued to develop.

The Münsterschwarzach monastery was the local ruler until the 15th century. But other gentlemen also acquired shares in the small town. Abbotswind was later given its own jurisdiction and became a free spot. Abtswind is characterized by its viticulture and the old sandstone houses in the town center.

Steigerwald is a mountain in Bavaria and has an elevation of 349 meters. Steigerwald is situated southeast of Geiselwind, close to Weingartsmühle.