MATERIAL: Copper Plate
TYPE: Manuscript
DIMENSIONS: 301 x 202 mm
ITEM ID: 4282

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Grant of Bojadeva

Century: 11th (1001-1100)
Notes: 1004-60 AD

This copper plate is one of only three known inscriptions issued by Bhojadeva of Dhara, the most important of the Paramara emperors of Malava.

Countless tales, myths and romances have been composed about this semi-legendary figure (often conflating him with other Kings called Bhoja), there is even a completely fictitious modern Hindi novel about him. Of course, not all of these are based on verifiable historical facts. We know for certain that he was one of ancient India’s greatest patrons of the arts, learning and religion, and more than 25 works on diverse subjects are ascribed to Bhojadeva himself. These demonstrate a wide range of interests: astronomy, medicine, poetry, law, philosophy, reli­gious doctrines, lexicography, politics, architecture, and anthologies.

But it is not feasible that all of the voluminous and complex treatises ascribed to Bhojadeva can have been written by one man and Aufrecht has proposed that they were merely sponsored and then sanctioned by Bhojadeva in the manner of a modern editor of an encyclopedia. Only future research on the stylistic features of these works might settle this issue.