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Grant of Naturalization Certificate for Chinese Settler

Decade: 1860s
Century: 19th (1801-1900)
Notes: 1864 - 68

Record to grant a certificate of naturalization to a Chinese settler. 1868. This file contains the hires made in China and three additional contracts to which he underwent in Cuba. Contains: – Application for a certificate of naturalization. Signed in Chinese. 1868
– Hire Chinese Spanish settler. Cardenas City. 1867.
– Certificate of baptism. 1867
– Certification of good conduct of Captain headman of Guamutas. 1868.
– Hire Chinese settler in Chinese and Spanish. Dated in Rio Soatao. 1855.
– Identity card. 1866
– Recommendations of its previous owners for good behavior.
– Second contract Chinese Spanish settler. Cardenas City. 1866.
– Chinese settler third contract in Spanish. Cardenas City. 1864.
– Oath of allegiance to the Spanish crown. 1868. $