DIMENSIONS: 13 inches long (toy) 6 3/4 X 13 1/2 inches (box)
COMPONENTS: Toy with original box
NOTES: First I've seen and certainly rare, especially with the original box.
ITEM ID: 1681
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Happy Hagoita New Year’s Toy

Decade: 1920s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

“Tar Baby Happy Hagoita” New Year’s toy. This was sold at Matsuya Department Store (still in business).

According to scholar Christopher Born, “The strange thing in the box is a Hagoita, for playing a kind of badminton type game called Hanetsuki. It’s made by Matsuya as a special issue. Couldn’t tell why it’s of a foreigner’s face, as they usually have beautiful Japanese ladies depicted in a classical style.”