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Hebrew Children’s Primer

Year: 1919
Decade: 1910s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

A Hebrew Primer for instructing Jewish children in the Hebrew language, book one.

Name: Rabbi Moshe Ventura
Type: Author
Artists Dates: 16 February 1892 - August 14, 1978)
Artist Information: Rabbi Dr. Moshe Ventura was a philosopher, educator and Zionist leader who served as Chief Rabbi of the Jews of Alexandria in the years 1938-1948. He was born in 1892 in Izmir, the Ottoman Empire, and was educated in a Talmud Torah and a Jewish school in his hometown, then went to study in the Rabbinical Seminary in Istanbul and was ordained a rabbi, and was recruited as an officer in the Ottoman army during the First World War and was sent to Baghdad. After the end of the war he remained in Baghdad for another three years, during which he was a Hebrew parent (1919), a modern four-part textbook for the community's educational institutions, and his interest in pedagogy led him to write more than eight additional textbooks during his lifetime, most of them Hebrew textbooks and some of them study Judaism and Jewish thought.
Name: Ezra Reyven Dangur
Type: Printer