TYPE: Kamishibai
DIMENSIONS: Each card is 10 1/4 X 15 inches.
COMPONENTS: The first set is Part I of the story and has all 16 cards.
CONDITION: A very rare subject matter and in great condition.
NOTES: In our Japanese collector’s 38 years in Japan, this is the first time he has come across a Kamishibai set issued independently in two parts, but to be viewed as a single story. He has no doubt that few of these complete double sets exist and this is the only example he has seen to date.
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“How to Stop Bullying” Kamisibai Set (Part 1)

Year: 1949
Decade: 1940s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)
Notes: Dated Showa 24 (1949)

A very rare double set of Occupation Era Kamishibai Cards. The story of a boy who was bullied. [See “How to Stop Bullying” Kamishibai Set, (Part 2), to view part two of the set.]

Name: Christian Kamishibai Publishing Society
Type: Publisher
Name: Tamura Kazuji
Type: Author
Name: Iseda Kunihiko
Type: Artist