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Hungarian Anti-Semetic Postcard

Year: 1921
Decade: 1920s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)

Hungarian anti-Semitic, anti-Communist postcard, references the riots during the 133-day life of the Hungarian Soviet Republic in 1919. It was the second socialist state in the world to be formed, only preceded by the October Revolution in Russia.

This exceedingly rare postcard published in Budapest depicts “Jews” as uniformed Communists as they summarily beat and execute locals and grope women, as a “Jewish” commissar relaxes in the back of a convertible. The artist added a crucifix in the background. These cards, printed in Hungary, were priced in Austrian Krone to sway public opinion against the leaders of the failed communist government who fled to Austria in 1919 and awaited exile in the Soviet Union. The top leaders of the failed government were Jews, so anti-Semitic items aimed at Austrians were to be expected.