ORIGINAL TITLE Title: מקראות
TYPE: Book
CONDITION: VG condition, cloth covers.
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Illustrated Children’s Book in Hebrew – The Book of the Classroom

Year: 1933
Decade: 1930s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)
Name: Iza Aisha Hershkowitz-Elon (Amichaiza Hershkowitz-Eilon)
Type: Illustrator
Artists Dates: 1907-1997
Artist Information: (1907, Ukraine - 1997, Tel Aviv - Jaffa) was a children's book illustrator and one of the pioneers of illustration in the Land of Israel. She was born in Ukraine and in 1922 immigrated to Israel with her parents, Dov Hershkowitz (architect, was the city engineer of Tel Aviv) and Anna (Chana) from Vysyevna (who was a pianist). The family settled in Tel Aviv. She joined the Herzliya Gymnasium. After graduating from high school, she aspired to study art, but at the request of her pianist mother, she had to study music in Italy. Only then was she able to realize her ambition and study painting and restoration. After her return to Israel, she married a Tel Aviv artist, a couple who had become involved in the local bohemian. After a short period of time, he committed suicide by jumping from the water tower on Mazeh Street, and was a painting teacher at the Yesod HaMa'ala school in Tel Aviv.
Name: Levin Kipnishev
Type: Author
Name: Z. Ariel
Type: Author