TYPE: Book
CONDITION: VG condition, cloth covers, covers are detached.
NOTES: There were two editions in 1948 one before and one after Israel was established. This book was published after Israel was established.
Foreign Language Inscription: מנורת הקסמים / כתב עברית יצחק אבנון. אבנון, יצחק, 1909-1967;תש"ח 1948 תל אביב : אל המעיןראינו שני טפסים: בטופס אחד נדפס מעבר לשער: נדפס בארץ-ישראל. ‬ ‫ בשני: נדפס במדינת ישראל. הטופס הראשון נדפס כנראה לפני קום המדינה. ‬
Inscription Translation: The Magic Menorah / Written by Isaac Avnon. Avnon, Yitzhak, 1909-1967; Tel Aviv: We have two forms to the Maayanainu: one printed on the other side of the title: printed in Eretz Israel. Second: Printed in the State of Israel. The first form was probably printed before the establishment of the state.
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Illustrated Children’s Book in Hebrew – The Magic Menorah

Year: 1948
Decade: 1940s
Century: 20th (1901-2000)
Name: Yitzhak Avnon
Type: Author
Artists Dates: 1909-1967